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Revitalize the ingame economy with buying play time ingame.

"The economy is broken." I hear that a lot, and it's true if you think of "the economy" as being defined by dappers.

But it isn't, it never has been, and there is absolutely no need for it to be. Several people have pointed out that the real economy is a barter economy with high quality items being traded for high quality (somewhat rare and desirable) materials.

However, unless you need those super-ultra items, one can get along fine with asking people to help you and giving them the materials for the things they craft. Most high level crafters will be happy to make things for a homin that has the materials.

Thesis: This is exactly as it should be in a post-scarcity economy.

Atys is an infinite source of raw materials. Basic, fine, choice, and excellent harvested materials are easy. Basic and fine looted mats are easy.

Supreme harvested materials are less easy, as are choice, excellent and supreme looted materials, but there is still an infinite supply of them. There is even an infinite supply (albeit at a much reduced rate of production) for OP materials.

Any attempt to make dappers "worth something" will run up against that problem. To make them "worth something", the economy must be adjusted to make them, or something else that dappers can be converted to, be "rare". In other words one must introduce scarcity into a post-scarcity world.

I fail to see that as desirable in any way.


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