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Another "Person" In My Account Is "Messed Up"

I have three characters on my account.
One character has a problem, and none of the other characters have this problem. (See below)

I have emailed Tech Support, and they have determined that the problem is probably within the Ryzom Server itself, and NOT with my character's configuration.

*: Things don't work: App Bar, (shift)G, (shift)W, Within my Identity window {p} the occupation tab is inaccesible as is the info tab, (shift)M also doesn't work.
*: I cannot use New Horizons at all, even when I right-click on NH "people"

These problem just appeared, and the character is relatively unusable, as I cannot use all of the functions within Ryzom. I have had this character for the past 5 (FIVE) years, and I do not want to delete this character.

ALSO: A few years ago, I had accidentally deleted this character. The technical support people ressurected this character. THIS may have something to do with this problem I am currently having.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

I know that the technical support is/are working as well as they can.... but I am somewhat anxious about this situation.

Thank you for any help you may have. And have a good game!


I am a Fyros. What more do I have to say other than that?
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