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Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller

...Or Premonition

The Roots was calm, and the area was full of small vegetation yet it was void of creatures, save one. The little tryker dreamt the same dream over and over, and now he lays still in deep sleep once more; tucked away in a hidden place, a safe place.

...Holeth, Fallenor 24, 3rd AC 2598...

Within the tryker's dream...

It was peculiar. Beyond the normal flora and fauna of the Prime Roots, the region was entirely void of homin activity, save myself. Even more importantly, devoid of Kitin activity as well. The plains eventually created a very soft "U" shape out of the region, slowly narrowing into a tunnel that led into more Prime Roots. Although, whether it leads deeper or not into the Roots is unknown, but most likely not. The tunnel has an extraordinary draft, more breezy than one would expect from a passage leading into more Prime Roots. The slightly bendy passage seemed to go on forever with the cool wind getting mildly stronger towards the end, until it opened up to a place found only in legend. 

The place was the most peculiar of any Prime Roots areas, and the stars were a spectacular sight from the Prime Roots. They enthralled my sight for a long while, amazed at the simple fact of seeing the stars from the underground ecosystem. However, when I finally tore my sight away, I thought it was strange there was still no Kitin activity. That is, until I turned around into Kincher Mandibles bearing down on my face, too close to react.

The tryker woke up with wild eyes, clearly shaken, visibly and mentally, from the dream; the image of two deep cuts going through him burned into his mind from the dream. He shut his eyes for a couple minutes, calming himself and regaining his composition. Then, he got up, his curiosity piqued, his caution heightened, and his exploration drive even more potent, despite the risks. The tryker ran off into the shadows, with more haste than usual, but also with a tinge of fright; almost out of character for the small homin.


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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