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Neuer Ryzom Verhaltenskodex

@Sartyrica - While I see where you are coming from, there are parts of the text you quoted that also "justify" you being a complete and total jerk to me, and thus violating other parts of the CoC, simply because I am a member of a Karavan guild. The fact that I am not Karavan myself is irrelevant to those people.

Yes, Ryzom is a role-playing game, but many of us treat it more as a role-playing game than the snootiest form of high theatre. Just because your toon would disrespect another player's toon is no excuse for you to disrespect another player. There have been far too many instances of players using lore to excuse all sorts of bad behavior as "roleplaying" that you might just have to ease up on your firefighting. And if there has been an issue with people killing campfires solely to harrass other players, then whether or not you do it for lore-based reasons is irrelevant.Maybe things will change once those who use lore as a weapon rather than as a story-telling/world-building aid have been dealt with, but in the meantime I think that the non-malicious hardcore roleplayers will suffer due to the actions of trolls.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
Zeige Thema
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