Skill reset, leveling and rewards / Reset de branche, pex et récompense.


I had the chance to discuss parts of this idea before with my dear Rev;

overall I am in favor of something like this, but in order for me to support it wholly, it needs to be done in a very neat way,; sure many of us have mastered many stuffs, and something extra is always nice; but let's not forget about the newer players, we were once of them, to whom already mastering a skill is a mountain high enough to climb.

As I said in our private discussion:

I am in favor of the idea; but I am against ANY and all bonuses it can have to PvP/OP areas; I am against "unlocking" new stanzas, or reducing credits, or anything of the sort which can give a TREMENDOUS advantage to a player or group of; I think the idea that "all x being equal, y has a chance" (ofc a veteran has a natural advantage due to her/his veteran status) is how things should remain.

A new player who just finished her master, and needs to do a tons of other basic master in order to even be able to compete in some sort of PvP fight; if we allow that by resetting ur trees you gain something stupendous; has no chance at all in competing; she/he will be alienated. And I can't emphasize this enough.

So for me the ideal would be to either give some sort of shiny/flashy armors to the players that elect to go for this route; like it was done before; give them a super unique and awesome title; and/or allow them to customize something that exemplifies and shows this accomplishment.

This is it for the fight+magic skill section;. Now when it comes to digging and/or crafting; I like the ideas proposed so far; I would add that for example with master forest forager, if u redo the forest mastery; in that area, (make it area specific that is) you gain a bonus equal to that of using an egiros pick; that doesnt sound unfair to me; and it's something that could make things interesting for those of us that are tired of digging in the same areas again and again for no dig xp again...(which SUCKS).

About crafting, again, I like the suggestion, give a success chance bonus, similar to what is done using consumable items. (the bonus will be stackable with the consumable use).

Looking forwards for newer and hopefully more creative ideas than my own, on definately one of the most comment-worthy "ideas" topics evahhh! (Yay rev;3)



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