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Spectacles of a Prime Roots Dweller

Of Homins Long Forgotten

Not too far from a small Jubla forest and dangerous Zerx, a tryker sits in a clearing with some stones that become familiar in design upon closer inspection. The tryker writes his thoughts...

"Quinteth, Nivia 29, 4th AC 2595

It is amazing what the Prime Roots can hide from a glancing eye, as I would have not found them if I wasnt deliberately looking. Within the Gate of Obscurity, north of the Kami altar, you can find a field of stones. Stones that are very similar to the gravestones in the Cemetary District of Zora, so one could make an educated guess, and deem these stones as gravestones.

If they are gravestones, one cannot help but wonder who is buried beneathe them. Unless they were recent, any writing on them would most likely have been wheathered away by the many Sap Storms and moist climate that make up this mysterious ecosystem. Perhaps a trip to places of public knowledge above ground might provide some insight, but for now, perhaps it would be better to pay my respects and remember the homins that have fallen here, whoever they may be.

After all, to be forgotten completely, all memories gone and all legacies eradicated to dust, is a fate more terrible than death. For at least in death, a name is remembered."

The tryker would then retreat to the Kami Altar and rest there until the next day to continue his cycle. Perhaps the day after tomorrow, the beginning of a new year, will bring many more insights and adventures.


"To believe an ideal is to be willing to betray it." - Kreia
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