¡Un editor escenográfico para ti!

Scenographic Editor : make your landscapes public!


Since the recent release of the Scenographic Editor, each player has had the opportunity to create his own sets (called scenes) on a specific island accessible from a Ring teleport.

These scenes, until now, could only be seen in game by their creator, as for example this one, shared on the Ryzom forum.

That changes from now on.  Each scene creator will now be able to select one of them to make public with a simple click in the window of the Editor.This opening is global for the moment, in other words everyone can go to the island of the player to see the scene he/she has made public. Later it will be possible to invite specific guest players and to make additional scenes public without limit.

The public scenes will be accessible via the Ring teleports, with, at first:
- an input field allowing the search for the scenery of a player;
- 10 scenes chosen at random for those who like surprises.

The following improvements are planned:
- a "Shared Scenes" tab;
- a "Visited Scenes" tab displaying the 20 most recently visited scenes, whose rating will be possible;
- a "Ranking" tab which will display, at first, the 20 best-rated scenes.

We remain at your disposal for any further information and wish you a good game on Atys!

The Ryzom Team

To help us improve the Scenographic Editor, we invite you to share your feelings and requests for improvements here.


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