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Version 3.0 - Disconnects Disconnects Disconnets

It isn't the SSD. I was running one SSD and one normal, and both had the problem. It seems to have stablized now, but now I have a DIFFERENT problem.

In frustration, I completely uninstalled on the non-SSD machine, reinstalled the install program from the website, and now it says that there's no room to install the program. 0 bytes in fact. It's on crack.

The upshot is now that I cannot even install Ryzom on the machine that has run it for years despite a 0% defrag on both the primary and secondary drives and 200 GB + waiting to be written.


Trust me, I would like to understand this issue too :)

Please could you try this beta version of Ryzom Installer ? http://kervala.net/download/ryzom_installer_windows.exe

(and eventually send me your ryzom_installer.log from the directory where you chose to install Ryzom)

Thanks :)


Kervala - Ryzom volunteer developer - Working on different clients

Zeige Thema
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