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This V3 client is starting to be a pain in the neck

I'm sorry you have problems :(

Karu is right :) You just can move files from "ryzom_live" to another directory where you can write and launch ryzom_client_r.exe directly :)

I created Ryzom Installer mainly because previous versions of Ryzom were installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ryzom and if we kept the same location, we would be condemned to launch Ryzom as an Admin (which shouldn't happen for a game...), so where install it ?

Latest Windows 2.1 clients were only available in 32 bits, I thought it was a good idea to propose to players a 64 bits client, but perhaps you'll prefer to keep a 32 bits client :( 2.1 client was not able to patch to another architecture than Windows 32 bits... Ryzom Installer asks what client you want to use and detect automatically if you're running a 64 bits platform.

Ryzom Installer is a tool to help migration and installation, it's optional.


Kervala - Ryzom volunteer developer - Working on different clients

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