How did you come to know about Ryzom

1/ My brother played it a while few (many ?) years ago, then I headr again about the game few times before the merging, so I gave it a try (just few days before servers merging). I was looking for a RPG game for a linux machine, so I gave it a try. And still there 5 years later ;)

2/ In a previous life I had a Mac, and played a lot on many games there (Marathon, Myst-Riven, Another world, several flight-sims [F/A-18, Hellcat,...]). Plus some heavy time-consuming, anti-productivity stuff on home-console.

3/ Linux (right now, a 64 bits Mageia-5 distribution)

4/ P2P (after only 2 weeks of F2P - I keep supporting this game, but that may not last if we move to a paywin schema...)


-- Yragael
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