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Extend the aura of Ryzom with XMPP

I really like this idea !
I'm aware of the dark part of this idea which is allow newcomers to have an XMPP adress. It can become a huge thing and lots of requests for the server if people subscribe only for this adress@ryzom-chat.com and use it, so it can be limited to the subscribers to begin.
I think it's not that bad to see people with an @ryzom-chat.com if they ask for an adress, they will use it and spread the name of Ryzom with there friends.

Is there a feature very interesting : XEP-0070: Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP basically this XEP allow xmpp user to log in without typing password, the webserver send a notification to the xmpp client, you have to agree not witch lead to a login or a fail.
A post about this XEP (in french) https://linuxfr.org/news/authentifiez-vous-sans-mot-de-passe-grac e-a-xmpp
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