[Music] Reports of Ryzom Forge's meetings (Music group)]

8th of february 2016

Gaueko: We had the problem of where to host the new sounds or ambience songs RF group could create and compose, and that the files have the proper CC license with them. Kunitake talked with me last week, he was interested to help us and he told me he has a solution that could help us.

Kunitake: You said me that we had a problem with license and where to upload it. So I asked to a pro dev i know very good (who worked for Voxtok). He said me literally that you were complicating the task. So, he told me that it was very simple. Open a repository on bitbucket (or github whatever) and just make a branch for your assets, in this case it's the music. You put an archive and into this archive you put the license, or simply, add files with the license.txt on the repository. Thats this little file you see in many projects on many repo. That looks kinda idiot i know but in 30 years of career he said he never had any problems with it. Just include the license with the file and it's ready. So i did this partially (quite simple) at https://bitbucket.org/Noyd/ryzomaudio/src.

Gaueko: Thanks a lot for the solution Kunitake. I will bring the idea to the Ryzom Team, but I agree this one is the easiest solution, for RF Music and for Music Team one.


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