GHOST IN CLIENT??? (resolved)

The following is what your developer responded to my issue.

-->"By vanish you mean the game closes without any crash report?

Your client.cfg file could have been improperly saved if the computer powered off before quitting Ryzom.

I don't know where the file is in Linux, but you either delete it and ryzom creates a new one, or open it in a text editor and look for any extra numbers, etc that don't seem to fit in. An additional 0; on a line for me will cause the client to abort :( " <--

First of all, Client.cfg does not exist on Ubuntu.
Second, you're asking me to look at some programming code to see if something doesn't fit in??? Seriously? I'm a user not a programmer. I just want to play the game.
Thirdly, If a file is corrupted, isn't the responsibility of the software engineer to realize something when wrong, and therefore reload from a valid un-corrupted location?

Please help

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