[Music] Reports of Ryzom Forge's meetings (Music group)]

19th of October 2015

Q: How to add a CC licence on new sound/music content? Is it enough to use Asana or Dropbox to share them in a "CC-by-SA music" file?
A Shepeng: you have to read the user licence of Asana and Dropbox to know this.Tools don't need to be free, but sometimes user licences are very restrictives.

Q: Place the musics in a directory called "Sound and music CC-BY-SA is not sufficient? Does the storage tool need also to have this licence?
A Shepeng: From my point of view, it's better to use a deposit, Bitbucket or other. Khanat proposes also to do it. 

- Riasan (Ark team) is asked for helping the Music group. He makes tests to add new sound/music ingame, so searches a way to play music/sound during missions and tries to add new music when entering a region.Here are Riasan's words: "Gaueko asked me if I know a way to add new music ingame. I look and founded a good way to add and play some music ingame using Ark. I made some tests and it works but it's not really something what I can show to others (only code not finished). I will try to add new music when a player enter a zone (like music by entering Yrkanis)."

PtitBill: I would be very interested for future projects, making sounds will give better atmosphere!


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