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My accounts are "invalid" (resolved)

Hello, I had two accounts (one trial and one subbed), I hadn't logged in for a while (about a year or a year and a half), still I had logged in AFTER the merge of the servers. I have tried to log in to both of them and in both cases I get the error message that says "Invalid account", I also tried to reset my passwords but that didn't work either (getting the same message), I couldn't log in to the forum either (this is a new account).

Also I couldn't use the names of neither of my old accounts for a new one, nor of my old characters.

Did anything else happen other than (and after) the merge that I didn't realized?

My account names are:
o*****s86 (trial)
o*****s1986 (subbed)

Anyway thanks for any trouble you might get into trying to resolve my issue, keep up
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