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crash when logging in

Reason: connection : FS refused the connection (Socket error: Connection to ( failed (10061: Connection refused, the server may be offline)).

that line there gives the impression that the client on the pc can't contact the shard at all. there's something somewhere that's blocking ryzom from connecting to the outside networks. what has me wondering is it seams like the pc can reach the shard, but the shard is refusing the connection, so it's possible that it could be something server side, but that's beyond my ability to help, however i do offer this data below for help with ruling out UAC as the problem.

if you don't know what UAC is or where to find it, it's surely running because it's on by default in a windows install. you can find out for sure by the following steps:
click start
right click on "computer"
choose "properties"
on the lower left hand side of the window choose "action center"
on the upper left hand side of the window choose "change user account control settings"

the slider will show the level of the UAC, to completely rule out the UAC, slide it all the way down (it will ask you to confirm, and require a restart)
try to connect, if you connect UAC was the problem, if you don't connect and still have the same error be sure to change the setting back to where it was.

also, for #7 on your list, the one to try would be "client_ryzom_rd.exe" the other one isn't used as a client.

about #9, was this the same error you get with the install on the harddrive? or was it another error? just to be safe, i would advise trying this directx redistrubite directly from microsoft.  this is a self extracting archive, it will ask you where to place it, personally i make a "temp" folder on my desktop for this.  once it's extracted open the folder you extracted the files to and find DXsetup.exe and run that, after it's completed you can delete the entire folder.

try that as another possible fix to the issue, but i only offer this as a very slim possible fix to the issue (mostly because it's not giving the typical errors that go with direct x but it's better to cover all the bases to be sure)

thanks for all the data in your latest post, it will go far to help the dev's and offical people try to figure out your problem, and it helps to give some possible ideas to us friendly helpers as well.

keep us up to date and we'll keep working on it, i hope that we can get you fixed and back in game soon.



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