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Guardians Of Shadows



Want to be like this guy?

Want to hang out with her?

Then you came to the right place!!!


Guild Leader:   SEXY SHAMMI Fasinia, Binarabi, Crafy, Gasket, Cideruppercut, Kalreeg, Pappasmurf, Ozelott, Suboxide, Shammi, Imoxi ... (We go trough them at an alarming rate, HELP US PLS!!!)
High Officers:  All those striked trough and almost every other member in guild
Officers:  Some alts we don't trust and some boobs that just have not been promoted yet
Members:  Boobs but our recruitment package offers great growth rates
> if you want to join just ask any member in guild since 90% have inviting powers

Location:  Fairhaven in the lakes
Allignment:  Trytonist (but Marauders, Kami's, Rangers, Neutrals, Trykers are all welcome)
Outposts:  None and don't want one, if we get one we will distribute it to the officials of the land
PVP-stance:  We try to keep op's in the right lands hands , or we just go for pure fun.


Most of us come from the old english server Aristople where we played for years in a guild named Guardians of Jena. 
We are for the most part a bunch of homins that love to have fun and to relax. We do like some RP from time to time at an event but mostly we are just chatting about daily live stuff and not really bothering with roleplaying.
When it comes to leveling some of us you won't see much outside of towns anymore since alot of us got what they came for and retired to an existance of slacking at the stables or other parts of town. However this does not mean we are a boring bunch that does not help out new players.
We have Binarabi and Ozelot that do their best to keep the stores filed with great cheap gear for new players so they can buy good gear while deciding what guild to join . 
 And there still are quite alot other members that go out daily to explore/dig/craft/hunt and help out whoever needs help.
 Except for Gasket he is utterly tottaly worthless to anyone!
But not everyone is like Gasket we still got Mr. Awesome himself in the guild, better known as Suboxide (if I my say so myself).
 And there are so many more helpfull ppl in this guild i'm forgetting like: Pappasmurf, Astrath, Eikichi (the crab), Cideruppercut (Ghuiss), Kalreeg, Jaydinth, Mibjar, Marceline, Ruelana, ... (If i forgot you i'm sorry)

So you can see we offer the total package if you are looking to have a fun time on atys and not be to serious ask anyone inguild for an invite except for Suboxide!


We are here to answer questions and help homins out and above all just to relax and have fun. So we do expect more then just one 'HI' a day. We are a chatty bunch and we expect the same from all our guildies, this doesn't mean you are forced to chat every day but if there is next to no chat participation from new recruits for around a week you will get a nice mail telling you we are not the guild for you. Don't take this personal but we like it lively in here. 

*FULFILLED, see further down* Ps. If you decide to join this guild after reading and seeing this post let us know upon joining. There is an inguild bet coupled with this post I would love never to be fullfilled.
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