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Performance issues on ubuntu 14.04

I recently installed ryzom on a ubuntu 14.04 32 bit OS. havent had problems till now when i started using my alt account.

I noticed lots of graphic lag and slow performance. the thing is that i never had such problems on windows (except on win 10, but that's another story)

given those obvious issues i took a look at the system monitor and found that only running ryzom i was using all 6 cores at 90-99% when ryzom shouldnt be using more than 3 at that capacity , what's worse is that using those 6 cores at that lvl should give me a great performance instead of the choppy gameplay i was having. RAM usage seems normal for 2 accs at 2.2 gb without using swap

then i sttopped the alt account and ryzom is still using over 90% in all cores with a regular performance. is there any way to solve this, is it a hardware/linux issue? i'd appreciate some help.


motherboard: MSI 970a-g46
chipset: AMD 6350 4200hz
GPU: Sapphire AMD R9 290x 2gb
RAM: 3 X kingston Hyperx 4gb 1866hz
power supply: corsair 750W
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