[Ryzom Forge] Meeting (27. Juli)t

3 - Level design group

3.1 A new Level Designer in the team

Welcome to Lycimima, new level designer under NDA ! He will also help with Infographics and make so some projects don't stay on paper.

Q: did you play Ryzom a lot?
A: Yes i know quite well the game.

3.2 Creation of a Ryzom Forge Level Design group in Asana

The group is created since two weeks on this tool for managing teams, and two LD members of RF joined it. We are waiting for the other ones!
Contact Tamarea at to give her your email, you will receive an invitation to join the group.

Q: Only 15 members can join? 
A: In the free version, yes. If we have one day more than 15 RF members (without counting those under NDA), we will have to be clever by sharing tasks between different groups.

Q: Can pictures and graphics be posted on Asana?
R: Yes. We can creat tasks, second level tasks, following a task, assign it, put a deadline, join a file, a tag, etc.

3.3 Mission workflow

It is readable here :
It is in French for the moment but translation team is working on it, So it will be available also in other languages.
The diagram is already translated:
DE :
EN :
FR :

Q: Does a mission has to be created in a certain language at the beginning, so before translation team works on it?
A: No because we are much more productive in our native language. DE, EN, ES, FR, no matter. Internally we work also like that and it's going very well.

3.4 Study and validation of the missions ideas

The pad to write down your ideas is here : .
It is less convenient than Asana but usefull while waiting for all volunteers to get access.
Its content is copied within Asana, and each week Lore and LD teams gather to study and validate (or not!) proposed ideas. A feedback is then done to creators.
Once creators on Asana, all the implied teams can follow the work in progress, advice, validate, help by creating missing item, etc...
Members of RF already in Asana group have already started to add directly their new ideas and detailed their valid ideas.


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