[Ryzom Forge] Meeting (27th of july)

Ryzom Forge meeting's agenda - 27th of july 2015, 19:30 UTC

on IRC (freenode) #ryzomforge 

1 - Music
1.1 Music project for Ryzom

2 - Dev group
2.1 Payment system: addition of Paypal payment option
2.2 Ticket system: news about the creation of an internal ticket system

3 - Level design group
3.1 A new Level Designer in the team
3.2 Creation of a Ryzom Forge Level Design group in Asana
3.3 Mission workflow
3.4 Study and validation of the missions ideas

4- Infographics group
4.1 Creation of a Ryzom Forge Infographics group in Asana
4.2 Creation of the cities banners
4.3 Creation a female tryker leader armour

5 Ark group
5.1 Anlor Winn project


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