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Try searching this forum for "intel" and "linux" and "graphics". I believe there always was the odd problem with the linux kernel drivers for the older intel internal gfx.

However I used to play on a similar configuration on the desktop and it worked ok.

Currently, when I play on my laptop (intel Westmere internal gfx), I have a similar issue in that some (only some) of the textures are white. Not all homins and only about half of the clothes. This was a new thing that started maybe two years ago. However I never got around to fix it because of a lack of time and because I only rarely play on that laptop. So my hurt was low. On the same hardware on windows it works fine.
I'd probably first try a reinstall. Then - as TalkIRC suggested - check the gfx drivers for updates.

Good luck!
Zeige Thema
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