Lost Girls

If you have the mats, we craft the following for free for any homine or marauder*:

LA, Buckler, Shields, 1 hand sword, spear, pike, 2 hand axe and sword, 2 hand mace, amps, jewels, and daggers. We hope soon to be able offer HA and 1-hand axe.

A full list of our crafting services will follow, but we will offer to provide the mats and craft q220/250 max damage/speed weapons, for a negotiated price, for those who cannot get them through a guild or on their own.  Though not high end gears, these weapons will be perfect for grind, use with wear out credit.

We will also hope offer, slightly improved versions of these grind weapons for everyday use until you can afford to provide yourself with a better one.

We also hope to offer a high end op gears crafting service, whereby we will provide the loot/forage mats if you provide the op mat.  Be warned, the cost for this will be extremely high.

*We do not accept the excuse that you are born this way; being male is a lifestyle choice. The surcharge will be from 1 dapper up, depending on how vile your maleness is judged to be.

We are not good girls - we are Lost Girls!

[OOC: We want to help players to get gears that they would not normally be able to attain.  We are not care bears, in many cases, we will expect to be compensated for this.  But bribery with lasagne will help get us on your side.]


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