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New rules for guilds?

Step 1: Do the marauder rite wearing full HA, kill all guards in your path- no guard sees what you look like.

Step 2: Walk into the city the next day in LA with a smile on your face.

How would they ever know you are a marauder?

As I said there are for and against arguments, I can see the valid points behind both. Essentially though my biggest issue is that this work will not improve the marauder faction. What we need is missions, rites and occupations. Why should the Fyros and Matis(?) get a new rite before us? They already have plenty of rites they can do. Instead- the work we get will actually alienate some marauders. Regardless of the fact they don't RP, they have been marauder since day 1 and actually drove the initial development of marauders. Sure look at doing it later if you really want but at the end of the day do something (Mission, rites, occupations) that will make all marauders happy.

It is ridiculous we don't have marauder-means of getting dappers. More ridiculous is the fact this is not a priority in dev work.



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