[Zoraïs] Assemblée des Cercles de Zora

The Circles' assembly of the Zoraïs met on 21h - Holeth, Germinally 6, 1st AC 2583 and the following homins were present:

Supplice, Sage
Xtarsia, Guardian of the Theocracy
Zurath, Blessed by Ma-Duk
Rikutatis, Dynastic Scribe
Misai, Homin
Sygmus, Zorai Ambassador
Lehony, Ambassadrice Zoraï
Kaen, Ranger Companion
Salazar, Matis Noble
Erminantius, Ambassadeur Matis
Khalaoden, Atys Citizen
Mahija, Kitin Hunter
Nahual, Zoraï Initiate

The following topics were discussed:

- Dynastic Circle

The Sages still haven't been able to contact Zhoi about her resignation as a Zoraï Ambassador to the Verdant Heights. They will make another attempt to get in touch with Awakened Zhoi. Failing that, a new Ambassador will be chosen.

- Defense Circle

A Zoraï girl by the name of "Suki" went missing in Min-Cho. Her mother, a Zoraï called Misai came to the assembly to ask for help. Misai explained that the last person who saw Suki was a guard returning from patrol. He saw her leaving Min-Cho towards Grove of Umbra and carrying a forage pick with her.

The disappearance of the girl was discussed in relation to the first prophecy of the Oracle: " the children of the Goo take something dear from the Zoraïs ". Not everyone was convinced this missing girl had anything to do with the prophecy, but Zurath mentioned that "Suki" means "darling" or "beloved" in Taki Zoraï language.

Ambassador Sygmus agreed to lead a search party for the missing homine in the near future.

As per Sygmus's request, and due to the increased level of bandit and marauder activity in the Jungle, it was also decided that more guards would be requested to patrol the borders between Cities of Intuition and the other regions in the Jungle.

Finally, Xtarsia has proposed that the Theocracy could get more involved with the recent wars against Marauders in the Jungle Outposts. Normally the Theocracy does not get involved in such matters, which pertain to guilds and faction alliances, but Xtarsia has proposed to send ambassadors to their allies of other nations in order to fight the Marauder threat. Sage Supplice said that not enough Initiates were present to discuss such a delicate matter and proposed that Xtarsia organize a meeting to discuss this idea.

- Exploration Circle

Ambassador Erminantius said he didn't have any messages or news from Stevano Karan, but announced that since Rikutatis had resigned from his position as Zoraï representative to the SKA (former college for kitin studies), the Zoraïs could choose a new representative to take his place.

Rikutatis explained that his reasons to leave the SKA were of religious differences. He went on to claim he believed the SKA to be completely under the influence of the Karavan, following the orders of a certain Karavan agent, and that he was attacked by the Kuilde tribe while carrying out a mission as an official SKA member.

Erminantius defended the position that the SKA has no national or religious affiliations, and that they only carried out the mission for the Karavan agent because that would provide them with valuable information about the Kitins. A new Zoraï representative will be chosen. Rikutatis's personal recommendation was for Ky Ta-Ro.

Sygmus gave a report on his efforts to mend relationships between the Zoraï Theocracy and the Fyros Empire. He explained that the Fyros Akenak has forsaken religious and faction bias in order to focus solely on the Fyros people. He is working closely with Akenak Lerya in order to bring Zoraïs and Fyros together as allies.

Finally a report was given by Rikutatis about the successful delivery of the fruit baskets to the Gibads tribe. The diplomatic relationship between Zoraïs and Gibads appears to be finally reestablished, and the Zoraïs were able to learn more about the Gibads language.

An incident involving an attack by a rogue Shadow Runner following orders of the Antikamis tribe was also described. He tried to steal the fruit baskets but the attack was successfully repelled. The Tryker bandit was able to escape and the Shadow Runners tribe promised the Theocracy they would investigate the matter.

- Spirituality Circle

The polemic surrounding the Oracle of Min-Cho and her prophecies was discussed. Sage Supplice asked the Zoraïs to give this Oracle some indulgence, since she is merely trying to pursue Enlightenment in her own way.

Salazar, Sygmus and Xtarsia all expressed their concerns about this Oracle's attempts to undermine the Theocracy's authority and the danger that represents as she gains more followers. It was decided that it would be wise to keep track of the Oracle's movements. At the moment, however, no one knows where the Oracle is or how she can be found. She has vanished since her last public appearance in Maiden Grove.

Finally, the discussion turned towards the excerpts of Marung Horongi's diary. Rikutatis expressed his desire to investigate the matter and try to find the remaining pages of this diary in order to learn more about the marauder villain and his schemes. Sage Supplice told him that the Company of the Eternal Tree has more information to share about Marung Horongi and will be contacting them soon in order to arrange a meeting.

Salazar offered to share his historical and personal knowledge on Horongi, and Rikutatis proposed that they should pool all their information and knowledge on the Horongi brothers in order to compile a dossier on them. The possibility that Marung Horongi is still alive and may return to terrorize Atys again was considered a real one. For that, homins must be prepared.

Rikutatis, Dynastic Scribe


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."
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