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Lost Girls


There was a long pause... then Marikka smiled "So, all I have to do now is kill him?"
Lacuna and Marichia nodded and giggled.

" Make it long and painful too! And as always, castration is a must" Chirped Marichia.

Marikka knew Agan well enough to know that he'd take her bait...

Bosses and women were his essential weaknesses.

So, she quickly sent him a tell.

You tell: Agan :)
Agan tells you: Marikka :)
You tell: Interested in some Boss hunting? Madakoo may be up!
Agan tells you: Of course, invite Nerwane too plz
You tell: How about this time we just go alone? *wink wink*

Agan, being the creepy old man he is, obliged and fell prey to her plans.

Marikka began her scheme in the south of Underspring...
" Okay go check the north and we can meet up in the middle, I have a surprise for you!" Marikka said knowing full and well the Kitin Patrol were running rampant in his direction.

"Kkaa!! Can I get a rez?" Agan said

She sees his comatose body laying 100 meters from the nearest Lacerating Kirosta...

"Perfect, he's just where I need him..Just one thing to do first..." she said to herself as she pulls out her 1h hand sword.
The rest.. you can figure out for yourself.

Then grabbing the rope from her bag she ties it around Agan's waist.

Then Agan awakes suddenly...

"What are you doing?!? Marikka!! Please I beg you, I'll forever be your personal slave... just don't kill me!" He cries.
Shutup, you silly male! You're making my ears hurt!"
His incessant whining was grating on her nerves...

She fastens the rope securely.. And also quickly places a loop at the end of the rope.
Eventually the patrol makes its rounds near his body...

They gained speed, and the looped roped caught ahold of one of the Kirosta's leg.
She watched as they danced his body around the springs and laughed.

After awhile the Kirosta frees itself from the rope. They began to peck and poison the homin...for hours.. and hours...and eventually left the lifeless body.

As soon as they were out of sight, Marikka emerged feeling triumphant.

She knew the last piece of her initiation would be dragging him to his burial site in the Lake lands.

As soon as she arrived with Agan's body...Lacuna and Marichia were waiting for her.

"Oh my gosh you did it!!!" Lacuna exclaimed in sheer excitement.

"Another male bites the dust!" Marichia grinned.

The 3 girls laughed at the fact yet another male met their doom.

Marikka slowly rolled the homin into a shallow grave. Her mission complete.
As she rose, she looked up at Lacuna and Marichia and they said...

" We hereby, officially accept you as one of our sisters. Welcome to Lost Girls!!"

As they all 3 danced over the grave, Marikka's new journey as a Lost Girl began...


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