Occupation Logic / Tips

Kitin Lair Tips

a) Pre-merge, veryone pretty much figured out the "drag pestas to the guards" thing. But we don't have pestas anymore :( Still not a bad idea to take out the Terminator puka and the herder kinch if ya get the opportunity.

b) It's not necessary to "dig the requested level" only be in a room that gives at least the needed level and adjust your stanza accordingly. The "reception room" as I call the room with the pestas at the top of the terminator Puk's run, is a PITA as the pestas / puka continually respawn....so I dig the cattle room at level 60 when I only needed 30.

c) Cattle Room has several rules. Normally, when KP are in their cubby holes, the north and south sides of the room are completely safe. The west side is patrolled by the herder kincher. The east side is patrolled by the kizzies. Watch your compass and orient your toon properly (and stay outta chat boxes) and you should be fine. It gets a little dicier when KP go to the floor of the cattle room but not very once you realize that the "livestock" area is no longer a safe spot. Other tips....if attacked, don't hit back....this releases KP. If someone is killing livestock, just leave and dig somewhere else, otherwise DP is inevitable. Finally gas explosions that mobs walk into can result in attacks....took few deaths via kiban for me to figure that one out.

d) It gets real dicey once other players get down there who can't adjust from "solo mode" to multiple player mode. MPA + Speed is the normal aggro response but if there's more than 1 person in the room or surrounding tunnels, if players would resist the urge to run and just drop when attacked, it becomes "piece of pie, easy as cake"[2010 movie reference]. Mob goes boink boink on head, lay down, ask for rez ....simple. Run and drag the mobs over your potential rescuer and you're both dead.

e) Tunnels to old mines present a new challenge but two steps make this easy too. 1st, if there are two peeps there, simply don't dig in the same spot. Kizzies can't be in two places at once so they can't kill you both unless you (see d) above). While I recommend setting your compass to 125 "going down" as the pestas have a 75m or so aggro range, switch to 50m in the tunnels / cattle room. 1st easy top pick up approaching band of mobs on the compass and again 2nd orienting your tune to face possible approaches will cut off 50% of the attack opportunities.

f) It helps to know that mobs have limits on how far they will chase you. Coming down, pestas will chase you into the cattle room but not into tunnels to the old mines. You can literally stop just past the entrance and stare at each other for a minute or so before they head back upstairs. Returning the favor I guess, kizzies will not go much past the entrance to the "reception room:.

g) The egg room is where I go regardless of the QL needed when their are new peeps in cattle room. I mastered this room in much shorter time than the others as the rules are simpler....1st don't hit eggs, 2nd watch compass for pukas (again now on vacation) and 3 , be careful of wondering pestas (also still on vacation) and terminator when at south end as their aggro range extends from the tunnel outside thru the walls.

h) Use region chat to announce your arrival in KL. If you get half way thru the reception room when pesta band spawns, players will appreciate the heads up when you drag them thru cattle room on your way to safety in the tunnels beyond.


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