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How did you come to know about Ryzom

1. How did you come to know about Ryzom?

In a advertisment playing OGAME in 2009

2. Have you played any graphics intensives games before?

Mmm not sure what it mean, is and intensive graphics in the meaning of there are not many things without a mediun quality texture, so i can call the game as a density magic graphic but never would say is intensive graphic. i can explain it better with a rank top 10:
10. world warcfrat
6 Ryzom
1 Dragon Age Inquisition

3. Which OS you use for Ryzom.

Windows 7

4. F2P or P2P?

Both, used to play P2P before merge, now i play F2P and sometimes P2P. I will play P2P when i see this game add new features or something new, new weps new skills, new clothes... at the moment i am bored for pay to play the same after 6 years.
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