Increasing Ryzom's market visibility, get it in front of more potential players?

I searched for free role play ubuntu based games.. tried 3-4 free games and liked Ryzom on its first try.

Ryzom can be advertised depending on player's game search criteria. For me it was some free ubuntu game forum. Steam can be a great boost for advertising, but maybe free forums can be reached first.
Elvanae (atys)
Maybe I am being selfish in saying this as I see it for me it's more about quality not quantity but for the game the quantity means funds :(
+1 for quality being great! I count it awesome! it is the only reason for me to stick to Ryzom. I have discussed some of it's very good game features with my friends and they got impressed too. Eg: very vey low network utilization, multiple chat box, and very complex game chemistry. This was my first time seeing something complex yet beautiful creation :)
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