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[Resolved] Cannot take screenshots in Ryzom any more.

When you say you are not taking a screenshot, do you mean that you can't find the screenshot or that there is no message in System Info saying "screenshot screenshot001.png saved"?

I can think of several reasons. (I assume that you double checked your key assignments in game after the attempt to change keys.)

1) You have taken more than 1000 screenshots and there is a failure bug when Ryzom tries to create screenshot1001.png . If this is the case, moving the current screenies out of the ryzom directory will allow Ryzom to make more screenshots.
2) Some outside keyboard program has changed the code produced by your keyboard when you hit Alt+F10.
3) Somehow the storage directory for the screenies got changed.

Hope this sparks a thought that leads to the true reason.

-- Bittty


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