Wounds of War

Mjollren (atys)
Elvanae (atys)
Homins of all corners of Atys! We are gathered here to speak out against those who thirst for domination over us all! Those homins are not Kami followers, for they do not follow the revelations of Ma-Duk. Ma-Duk teaches to oppose excess but these homins place greed before need!

(ooc) This is funny, coming from a karavan follower, when the karavan are the greedy guys in the story...

Technically, for us, having kami drills all over Atys would be better than the alternative of seeing kara drills. Kami drills do their job gently, whereas the whole kara mindset is to go in without lube. It's one of the reasons why karavan has better placed teleport altars, iirc.

Seeing how no guild owns an outpost without installing a drill, of course we have to choose the lesser evil - gluttony over allowing you to place those filthy machinery on sensible soil.

Again, this is just addressing your IC post ... OOC we agree that lack of balance is bad. (/ ooc)

Please bear in mind this is a RP thread- something you enjoyed pointing out once to me. Right up until your post it was a nice collection of RP stories written by different people all merged together in various ways.



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