Wounds of War

Mjollren (atys)
(ooc) This is funny, coming from a karavan follower, when the karavan are the greedy guys in the story...

Technically, for us, having kami drills all over Atys would be better than the alternative of seeing kara drills. Kami drills do their job gently, whereas the whole kara mindset is to go in without lube. It's one of the reasons why karavan has better placed teleport altars, iirc.

Seeing how no guild owns an outpost without installing a drill, of course we have to choose the lesser evil - gluttony over allowing you to place those filthy machinery on sensible soil.

Again, this is just addressing your IC post ... OOC we agree that lack of balance is bad. (/ ooc)

[ooc]Ah, but that's just a fairy tale. Even the Zorai have respect for the superior understanding the Matis have of nature, to start with (and I'm talking lore). They live in living trees etc., while the Fyros hacked Pyr into the bark, and the Zorai build their cities from chopped wood. If you ask me, the Kami drills look more pretty - that's all. But if you want to sell something nasty, you try to make it look harmless - especially if your marketing approach is, "We are the good guys. Trust us".[/ooc]


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