Wounds of War

I have been listening in silence to this conversation for some days now, not truly wishing to interject my own sentiments, but I feel that I can no longer hold my tongue on this matter.

To Elvanae, I am sorry that the recent events have stirred such feelings of dismay in your heart and in your mind. It is just my nature to be saddened when I see any good homin faced with an anguished soul. I wish I could tell you that what you witnessed was an isolated incident that would not likely be repeated, but in so doing I would only be giving credence to the falsehood many still proclaim - that all in Atys is now as it has been for some ages – and this is not the case.

There are stirrings emanating from deep within the Prime Roots. At first these stirrings were barely audible whispers, but as time has passed they have become increasingly louder and impossible to ignore. Do not believe for a moment that both the followers of Jena and those of Ma-Duk do not hear these voices and are not troubled – for I assure you they are. Both the Kami and Karavan are coming to the realization that the day of reckoning is upon them, and they will soon have to answer for their many long years of misleading the peoples of Atys so that they might maintain their control over hominkind.

But we must not blame the Kara and Kami alone, for most of us have spent at least a portion of our lives in happy – albeit ignorant - complicity with this convenient arrangement. We have worn the badges of the Kami and Karavan so that we might justify our actions at nearly every turn, even when we knew deep in our souls that these actions were not always noble.

This, in no way, should be construed as statement that the followers of Jena and Ma-Duk are bad homins, for that is not my intention, nor is it my belief. Many of my own family follow the Kami path – as I myself once did. Additionally, I have many dear friends who hold true to their allegiance to the Karavan teachings. As with any system of beliefs, there are both good and bad homins that adhere to both the Kami and the Karavan ways. It would be wrong to allow an occasional bad apple to sour our opinions of the followers as a whole.

Nevertheless, great injustices have been committed in Atys by those waging wars under the banners of the Kami and the Karavan – and I too will have reconcile myself with my conscious over the part I have played in these events. In our blind devotion to these misguided faiths, we have seen Atys as the battleground in a war between Kamis and Karas, all the while ignoring that what we were really doing was drawing unnatural lines of division. Divisions that have pitted sister against sister and parents against their children. It is these sad divisions that an increasing number of us now hope to heal.

Returning to the concerns expressed by Elvanae that there are those homins who seek to suppress the weak, I say that I share your concerns, but we must look to the leaders of the Kami and Karavan faiths to find those truly seeking to suppress the peoples of Atys. Likewise all of us who have waged wars for far-flung outposts must equally share the blame.

When any guild from one land seizes control of an outpost in the land of another people, they are committing an injustice against those peoples in what should be the safety of their own borders. We must ask ourselves what good does an outpost in the Lakes do for the peoples of the Lakes, when its resources and controlled and, for the most part, carted off to another land? The invaders may feel that “liberating” the outpost from the control of those of another faith makes their actions justified and even noble, but if the outpost remains outside of the control of those who should rightly benefit from it, then where is the justice, and just who is being suppressed?

The once barely audible whispers are becoming a loud and vocal chorus, and the message is quite clear. The time has come to reject the falsehoods that the Kami and Karavan have been propagating these many long years, and turn our attention to fighting the true battle that must be waged – the battle to free the peoples of Atys and allow each land to control their own borders and determine their own destinies


Zeige Thema
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