Wounds of War

Elvanae kicked a piece of her broken door out of the way and marched into her appartment. It had been a long day and she had had to spend the majority of it explaining to Miaccia Stazzo that she had no bloody idea how Virg had managed to get through the Yrkanis guards and that maybe he should bloody ask them for an explanation! She vowed to get to the bottom of how Miaccia Stazzo had found out about Virg...

Her vexation didn't last long when she noticed a funny smell in the room. She couldn't put a name to but it almost smelled like... 'NO! It couldn't be!
Alcohol in her appartment?! It must be a mistake!' The blood drained from her pristine white face. She stomped over to her windowsill and saw a note smothered in rum stains. 'Of course!' She sighed with relief. 'Binarabi!' Elvanae rolled her eyes and tried to open the letter without contaminating her gloves with the rum.

Elvanae sniffed loudly in dissaproval upon reading Binarabi's blasphamy but the Trykerette had a point that true power resides within homins... but it is only through Jena that this power can be safely wielded. Before she could seat herself by her desk to compose a response to Binarabi, a black Izam flew into the room landing abruptly upon the desk. Elvanae froze. She looked at the Izam with a sense of dread. Black Izams always brought bad tidings. She reached across to unfurl the parchment from the Izam's leg and tried to make sense of the scrawny handwriting. The note contained intricate details of Kami war plans. She flipped the note over and raised an eyebrow coolly. She had not heard of this 'Fureur d'Atys' guild before. This was interesting.

She seated herself before her desk. Removing the stopper from a delicate glass vial she dipped her Izam quill into the soft yellow liquid. Kirokya bile was very difficult to come by, but she only used it on special occasions:

Deles silam Binarabi-modin,

Firstly, I wish to thank you for the... interesting gathering that you invited me along to in Fairhaven recently. It confirmed a great deal of my suspicions! The Fyros are no-good alcoholics! If you do hold such a gathering again, I must remember to bring more refined kirosta secretion to protect my glowing skin from the awful sun rays.

I would also like to inform you that sadly I have heard of imminent plans of a Kami attack on my outpost in Fleeting Gardens due to take place tomorrow. Apparently when you ask questions about the Kami thirst for blood, you make yourself a target.

I hope that I shall fight alongside you and I hope you do not bring any rum to the battle, unless you fight better when drunk!

Jena aiye!


She blew gently to allow the Kirokya bile to dry and folded the parchment, tying it to the Izam's leg before gathering her focus light armour to go digging in the Grove of Confusion. She would have to send an Izam to Virg too so he could careplan for her. Freedom is of course a necessity... outside the boundaries of marriage.



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