Don't lie Jazzy pretty sure you where at that meeting:


There are 10 booths. Although it is a Tryker Fair, guilds from other regions are invited to hire a booth but Marauders (*2) are banned by overwhelming vote of the Taliar, they can neither attend to buy any items nor hold a booth to sell any items, in fact the guards will probably be reinforced to ensure they are allowed no where near the fair

=> i'm not gonna cover that whole forum thread but later on even Tamarea had her say wich i'm still not good from. But yes it seems tamarea says in it all abuse RP wise and other stuff against somebody choosing mara is allowed so keep going on pls. Do the whole I hate you as a person because you got a title above your head it really shows how much of a grown up you are. In real life ppl over are getting sentenced for pestering and harrasement but seems RPwise (toughth RPers always say RP is like real life) get total freedom to pest and harras ppl away from the game with the help of event team. Where those guards ever on aniro actually?


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