[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

2. directing the Assemblies

I am very much against having an orator "in charge" to be elected from all representatives; especially not only Awakened ones to do this always. Having a Sage or someone from the Dynastic Circle lead the Assembly has always proved sufficient. There are just too many disadvantages to having an orator additional to the Sage or dynastic representative, and we Zorai should be wiser than other Nations in this aspect.

Having Sages lead the Assemblies will make sure that their wise words will be heard at all times without them having to ask other Homins for speaking-time. Also they will be able to follow the discussions easier and it will make sure that they will receive requests properly if they themselves can organize the Assemblies and calm heated discussions if they feel the need to do so.

Foreign Homins might view it as a sign of disrespect towards a Sage to let another Zorai lead the Assembly instead of the wisest ones present. It might even lower the status of the Sages in the minds of the audience, thinking that Sages are not well-respected in the Theocracy if they just have to stay passive. This has already happened at Assemblies of the Akenak with the Sharükos. On the other hand some Homins might view the current orator/s as having an overly important status in the Theocracy - maybe this is what those aiming to be orators secretly wish for; but I regard this as inappropriate.


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