[Zorai]Assemblies of the Circles of the Theocracy in Zora and Hoi-Cho

Here are my suggestions for Assemblies:

The aim and such the reason for all rules to our Assemblies should be to enable the Circles to come to wise political decisions or at least to be able to make wise motions to our Sages in due time; quickly if necessary.

1. Topics

a) collecting a list of topics as a first deed at the Assembly by asking all homins present what to discuss about has proved to be a good thing to keep an overview. When representatives and homins from the audience have added all topics that they wish to discuss it either should be self-evident that the discussions will begin - or maybe the attending Sage / representative of the Dynastic Circle might want to point this out specifically.

Putting up such a list of topics on public boards before the Assembly would be too hard to accomplish - since all representatives from the three cities of amber and maybe ambassadors from other countries would have to add to it in time nowadays. Also it might not be possible to announce discussions about sudden events in time.

b) I strongly suggest that the order in which topics are discussed should not be decided according to Circles, but instead according to the immediacy to find political solutions or decisions therefore. An imminent danger to the Theocracy should always be put first; also foreign affairs that have to be answered by our government soon.

Sometimes we will not have the time to adress all topics during an Assembly like it has happened at the last one in Zora. Since a necessary cutting of time is sometimes not foreseeable we should always talk about the most important topics first to make sure that they will be solved as soon as possible.

c) also it must be allowed to add more topics to the list of topics later on too. I insist on this condition. It always happens that not all of the important topics are mentioned or remembered when the list is put together in the beginning. Late-comers might want to add topics to the list, and urgent topics might come up suddenly as well; like the goo-infested igaras during our last Assembly in Zora or other incoming informations.


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