Prime Roots Foraging Survey

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Choice Mats can stay in one fixed place - stationary/static

Excellent Mats can be in the same locations as their Choice Mats counterparts, but randomly change from Source to Source
(so if there is one Choice Silvio in the north of the Region and another in the south, then the Excellent Silvio will can be changing back and forths from them randomly)

Supreme Mats should be completely random and change every Year/Season (including Supernodes)

also, I think that if we left some mats in then the next day they should regrow/accumulate...and the speed of growth depends on the number of mats that are left in - so if you leave half then the next day it will be refilled, but if you leave only a few then maybe only a quarter will grow back in the following day (but the rate should be different for Excellent and Supreme Mats, so that Supreme Mats need more Mats left in to refill the source up than the Excellent Sources)
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