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oh well was another matis only roleplaying gouverment meeting where they decided they gonna let other nations help them against kitins, title shouldn't have been [All] but should have been [Matis] all along

-- Suboxide (Sun Aug 14 10:01:00 2011 UTC):
The first part of this event we where all invited and went all down with the karavan researcher into the kittin liar (kara/kami//tryker/fyros/matis/zorai) looking for the kittin, so i guess this time we are also all invited to come discuss what has to happen, and looking at name title says karavan and kitin not matis and kitin

(or is this again a matis only event, you know those that don't happen when event team is confronted)

-- Tissarius (Sun Aug 14 08:49:05 2011 UTC):
Why this event has [All] tag? I understand that it is only for Nobles.

-- Marelli (Sun Aug 14 15:48:25 2011 UTC):
Except the [Matis] didn't have anything more to do here than the [All]. You're making it sound as if the Matis were the only ones who had anything to do at this event, while all that the Nobles did that the audience didn't do was say "permission granted".

It seems your beef here is that this event was nothing but talking, which is a valid criticism, sure, but it's valid criticism for [All]. Just because an event is only talking doesn't automatically make it a [Matis] event.

Better to ask for an [RP] tag or something to indicate that an event will be just a roleplayed discussion, without any action.

-- Suboxide (Sun Aug 14 18:38:18 2011 UTC):
guess you are right marelli but this shouldn't been called an event with all bells and whistless forums/event news/motd/... this was just a nobles meeting where a matis citizin asked to move to almati woods to examine some stuff and he just asked permission to set up camp, why we all to go there i have no idea probably to watch at slowest chat ever or something he took 3min between sentences and then 3min for nobles to answer just 'yes', have to understand for us that arn't nobles it was extremly boring experience we didn't have to be at (i just have a hard time with this calling an event)

ps. just wanted to add that me and some others i know who where there are so put off because of it that i don't think I'm gonna keep following this event line anymore (and heard some others who where they say the same in team and guild chat)

-- Meagon (Mon Aug 15 13:23:14 2011 UTC):
Things are not always fast paced Subo. Especially when event team people are talking. Usually they have a few things going on at once and they check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors and still miss them. Then the people they talk to lose interest for a few minutes before they see it so it takes a few to respond back and forth. If you don't like that type of stuff then don't attend. All along the event announcement said it was a meeting at the nobles assembly to request stuff. Meetings are hardly something other than discussion.

Dropping an event line just because one part is too slow paced for you does not mean it is bad. In order to get to the killing there has to be order and a sequence of events to get there. I'm sure many would prefer to go bash kitin up, but then that takes out the entire idea of roleplaying and events which is not fair to the people that enjoy that kind of stuff.

-- Suboxide (Mon Aug 15 13:39:45 2011 UTC):
i know mea and i've never been against the slow chat or the events in general i think i've done all there where when i could get online but my point was this wasn't something intresting for the homins going there suspecting something it was just a question beeing asked and an "yes" being given this wasn't really roleplaying for the non nobles there it was just 30min sitting there with nothing to do for us non nobles

ps. the secret meeting was also just sit and be quiet but it was done proper with some drama and a small play and i liked that, but at the nobles meeting it was nothing of that kind i'm sure they could have add a small play and a discussion between 2 event chars not happy him moving or something

-- Erizon (Mon Aug 15 13:51:24 2011 UTC):
Could the disagreement encompass the difference between "Everyone can attend, very small subset can participate" versus "Everyone can attend and participate"? Truth be told, everyone can almost always attend every event. That doesn't mean every event is an [All] event.

Karavan Event PCs meeting with Matis Event PCs at a Matis Nobles Assembly is a [Matis] event. Only Matis, and only Matis Nobles specifically, can participate. It just so happens that it was a little more than the normal [Matis] Nobles Assembly that others might be interested in viewing.

-- Marelli (Mon Aug 15 20:50:30 2011 UTC):
have to understand for us that arn't nobles it was extremly boring experience we didn't have to be at

Yeah, I do understand. There is a definite problem with all events being announced similarly whether they'll be 5 minutes of talking or 5 hours of battling kitin. It means that people can't tell in advance whether an upcoming event will be to their liking - but they still have to make time in their schedule to show up for it, which can lead to disappointment if an event they made time for turns out to be only 5 minutes of talking.

Or if an event they expected to be only 5 minutes of talking, and thus decided not to attend, turns out to be a huge awesome... whatever.

Apologizes to everyone for merging these posts as they were being transferred. Jaliun

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Ofcourse, there are also advantages to this approach. Firstly that it allows for surprises. Secondly that it's realistic; you don't always know what to expect. And thirdly, I suspect the Event Team does it this way so they have more flexibility to adapt to the players' choices. (Like whether an event will be talking or fighting depending on what the players decide. If they announce in advance the event will be fighting, that flexibility is gone.)

My own opinion on this is that, personally, I like the surprise with the current approach, but what I see around me is that most players would prefer that a little more details on what the event will be are announced in advance, so that's probably better.

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Could the disagreement encompass the difference between "Everyone can attend, very small subset can participate" versus "Everyone can attend and participate"?

Nope, it cannot. Not unless you can tell me how a Noble could participate in this that a commoner could not.

For sure, there are events where the governments have more to do than the rest of the players, but this wasn't one of them. For this specific event, it wasn't any less boring for us Nobles. The only difference between me and Subo was that I went in expecting nothing more than this, and possibly that I enjoy this kind of RP-talky event more than he does (which is probably why I became a Noble).

I agree that this event was only for the small subset of people who are interested in witnessing what's nothing more than a bit of talking to set the mood for a later event, and that that probably should've been made clear in advance, but it was not by any means only for Matis/Nobles to participate in.

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I should take this opportunity to ask if there was anything we players behind the Nobles could've done to make it more interesting for the audience? Would it have been more interesting for you if we'd called a vote amongst the audience? Made up reasons to oppose the request instead of just agreeing to it? Called for the guard to remove the audience from the scene?

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Well I guess its easy for me to say yes now. I had the feeling the event team just wanted it over quickly and that made it boring for us. I have no idea what I would have done really.


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