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Basic idea is implementing new additional stanzas for crafting that would benefit one stat of item at the expense of another one. You would have to put them in crafting action along with item pattern. As for numbers, i suppose one or two improvement stanzas per action would be enough. You would change them according to the stat you intend to boost. These stanzas would come exclusively through rites being offered by different tribes, hence more use for tribal fame and more meaning for tribes themselves.

List of examples is below. Don't pay much attention to the names of stanzas, i had to name them somehow, so i wrote first that came in mind.

*General improvement stanzas*

1) Sap Load expansion - increase sap load of any item at the expense of its durability.

2) Enchant adjustment - decrease enchant's energy consumption at the expense of sap load consumption (more sap crystals would be needed).

3) Material manipulation (one stanza for each kind of material: wood, amber and so on) - decrease number of certain material needed for crafting at the expense... umm... of something, i have no idea tbh.

4) Material preservation - in the case of crafting fail you don't lose any materials, but one or several stats of crafted item will be spoiled.

*Armor improvement stanzas*:

1) Resist Reinforcement (3 stanzas) - increase one or another type of resist at the expense of durability or maybe protection factor.

2) Thickening (HA or MA only) - more parry, lesser durability or one random resist.

3) Shell reinforcement (HA or MA only) - increase of PF, lesser parry, or durability, or one of resists.

4) Adjustment (LA only) - higher dodge, decreased durability or PF.

5) Subtle braiding (LA only) - increase PF at the expense of dodge.

*Jewel improvement stanzas*

1) Protection improvement, Resist improvement - increase of one specific protection or resist at the expense of another one.

2) Improved absorption - increase absorption stat at the expense of durability.

*Melee weapons improvement stanzas*

1) Sharpening (slash or piercing only) - more damage at the expense either of hit rate or parry, or durability.

2) Weighting - same but for blunt weapons.

3) Lightening - lesser weight, more dodge, decreased durability.

4) Lightening # 2 - lesser weight, higher hit rate, decreased durability.

*Ranged weapons improvement stanzas*

1) Trigger imrovement - higher hit rate at the expense of increased wear factor (not Wear Out stanza) or decreased durability.

2) Barrel threading - improved range at the expense of hit rate.

3) Barrel reinforcement - increased durability (thus more use for Wear Out stanza), increased weight, lesser range.

4) Ammo weighting - Increased bulk and damage of ammo.

5) Ammo lightening - Decreased bulk and damage of ammo.

*Amplifier improvement stanzas*

1) Magic Bonus improvement - increase of bonus for one magic skill (i.e. Ele) at the expense of another (i.e. Healing).

Feel free to add more.

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Fun idea, but it would kill all thrill of boss hunting for obscure materials and will make crafting trivial

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Fun idea, but it would kill all thrill of boss hunting for obscure materials and will make crafting trivial

agreed. Why go to the trouble of figuring out recipes and then trying to get the rare materials for them if you can just tweak the crafting stanza and make the stuff using any odd basic mats?

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but it would kill all thrill of boss hunting
No, it won't. Because boss mats would be still valuable as improvement stanzas would allow boosting stats over 100% but no more than for 10-15%. And could be used with boss mats as well. That way boss mats would still beat harvested supremes or lower grade mats. Don't worry, the existing balance of mats won't be ruined.

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Example: some crafter wants to make an axe. Crafting window shows that axe having 85% on damage stat. Sure, if crafter will use damage imrovement stanza which grants 15% boost, he can get it up to 100%. But if he use a material with 100% damage stat plus the same improvement stanza, he can get it up to 115%. How that would discourage players from hunting bosses and seeking for better mats? Lower chance of success could be implemented for crafting actions with improvement stanzas as additional balance factor .

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I can appreciate what you're trying to do, but this is one WoW idea that should stay over there. (Idea seems based on Reforging)

There are benefits and drawbacks to crafting recipes and mats. All mats are good, and all mats are bad. Use the right set of mats for the right item. The beauty of crafting in this game is that you can pick the mats and achieve the quality that you want; it's more than the push-button-get-bacon crafting from other games. There are already ways to boost items beyond what the mats would appear to allow, using specialty crafting plans and specialty tools.

The really good items should be rare, and hard to craft or obtain. And the chance of failure should always be present. If you add new super-items, the entire game would need to be rebalanced. If you can't do something alone, don't increase the capabilities of the items, just get some friends.
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