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is a casual guild dedicated to helping every member fulfill their unique destiny on Atys. Whatever your interests or play schedule, we are here to provide a friendly and supportive community. Although we are one of the younger guilds on Atys, we are rapidly growing and have one of the largest and most active memberships on Arispotle.

If you want to be in a guild that is going places... a guild that is enjoying everything Ryzom has to offer (foraging, crafting, treks, fame/faction runs, occupations, boss hunts, kitin patrol hunts, supernode digs, PvP, outpost wars)... then Armageddons is for you!

Armageddons is always looking for new or experienced members. To join Armageddons or to learn more, /tell to any of our Officers or click Jola(Arispotle) to send email.
Jola(Arispotle) of the ARMAGEDDONS

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  • Language: English (in guild chat)
  • Headquarters: Yrkanis
  • Race: Any
  • Alignments: Karavan/neutral
  • Citizens: Matis/neutral
  • Voice over Internet: Mumble Server
  • Focus: Team play, mentoring, guild events, doing it ALL

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  • High officers: Dominikus, Elvanae, Marla, Xatokar
  • Officers: Ladeath, Tendrili
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Weekly Events

  • Touring the Camps day
  • Fame & Forest Teleports day
  • Heal Fest day
  • Far Trek day
  • Boss Hunt day

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Just curious, which Golden Bosses greater than 220 but not 270 are ingame?

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None to my knowledge. Got the arrow direction wrong. :S

Golden Boss guild hunt activity for:
  • JULY 2010: 21 slain.
  • AUGUST 2010: 16 dispatched.
  • SEPTEMBER 2010: 22 anniliated.
  • OCTOBER 2010: 20 destroyed.
  • NOVEMBER 2010: 32 exterminated.
  • DECEMBER 2010: 92 eradicated - 23 lvl =270, 38 lvl =220, 31 lvl <220

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I guess it is pretty clear that we are avid boss hunters. We have continued this passion into 2011 and 2012. We now have an alt guild hall stuffed to the brim with boss mats. Let Jola(Arispotle) know if you want to trade for a particular boss mat because we have just about everything in stock.

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We have had some great fun supporting various other guilds in their outpost battles the past couple weeks. These battles have been especially educational for some of our newer guildmates who were able to attend!

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It's been a pleasure to be a part of Arma's for the last couple weeks. Lots of things going on all of the time, and friendly people.

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*pokes jola the noob*


Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, you gain strength.
Through strength, you gain power.
Through power, you gain victory.
Through victory, your chains are broken.
Ma-Duk shall free you.

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Armageddon is 500 days old today! Weeee... :)

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Grats :D


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i would like to join your guild, if you have any openings

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Happy Birthday Armageddons!

The party was a big success with nearly 50 participants & hundreds of fireworks aloft during the grand finale. In case you missed it, click on the following links for the party highlights:

We couldn't have done it without the support of this wonderful community. Many thanks to all who participated! Special thanks to the party committee and to CSRs Daexin and Swindt for adding the fun party titles, transforming racing mounts into mini-mektoubs, and staging a kincher invasion while we waited at the finish line of the Mektoub Race!

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Grats Jola and Armas!! Sorry I missed.


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