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If ya don't have Fame 0 or greater see "Race Fame Basics" Thread

Zorai Fame:

In Zora, there are 3 corporals, one @ stables near Kami TP (Hon Sai-Fuang), one at Temple Hall District (Mi Pa-Sang) and one at Highmart District (Shuai-Nang Ciai).

If ya visit all three corporals and Wu Zhong* (see below) this is what ya gotta do:

Kill 9 Eyes of Intuition (4 + 2 + 3)
Kill 9 Birds of Omen (1 +1 +4 + 3*)
Kill 5 Zora Kovans (3 + 1 +1)


Sergeant's Building, use north ramp into building @ SW Corner of Hoi Cho Kungi Nai-Da & Liangi Wo-Lo)
Kill 4 Lake Loafers in Maiden Grove
Kill 4 Shadow Bandits in Maiden Grove
Kill 3 Plans Scourers Maiden Grove

Kill 1 Homin Hounders in Haven of Purity
Kill 4 Shadow Bandits in Haven of Purity
Kill 3 Skelter Punks in Haven of Purity

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Captain's Building, use south ramp into building @ SE Corner of Min Cho (So-Suang Zhuangi & Hon Ba-Ben)
Kill 2 Killer Queens in Grove of Umbra
Kill 3 Black Circle in Grove of Umbra
Kill 2 AniKamiss in Grove of Umbra

Kill 3 Underwood Rebels in Void
Kill 3 Villians of the Void
Kill 4 Masters of the Goo

Captain's Building, use northwest ramp into building @ NW Corner of Jen Lai (Shu-Quan Du)
Kill 3 Zora's Thorn in Knot of Dementia
Kill 1 Browbeat Brothers in Knot of Dem


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Bumped by request by all those starting over on new server ..... got tired of checking what number it rolled to [will replace with something actually useful shortly :) ]


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I'm lacking details here, but it will still be useful for some:

there are various tribes in the region with the same bandit missions, given by the tribe leader, tribe corporal and the Kami ambassador.

Those will also give Zora fame in additon to the tribal fame.


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