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If ya don't have Fame 0 or greater see "Race Fame Basics" Thread

Fyros Fame:


In Pyr, there are 3 corporals, one at the bottom of ramp down from Cerakos Gate (Xykos Zessen), one in 1st chamber on right in Academy Place (Tin Lyseus) and one at Guardhouse Place (Apolllo Boethus).

If ya visit all three corporals and Julius Baptistus* (see below) this is what ya gotta do:

Kill 9 Pagans of Pyr (2 + 2 +4)
Kill 10 Dune Stalkerss (4 + 2 + 2)
Kill 11 Eye of the Dragon (1* + 4 + 3)
Kill 2 Pyr Crushers


Academy Place - Pyr (Tila Lyseus)
Kill 1 Bone Breaker in Sawdust Mines
Kill 3 Vinnie's Rapiers in Sawdust Mines
Kill 1 Bandit of the Wooden Dunes in Sawdust Mines

Guardhouse Place - Pyr (Sean Pelorus )
Kill 2 Shadow Riders in Oflaks Oasis
Kill 3 Hothead Hackers in Oflaks Oasis

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Leanto @ Dyron (Xan Zessen)
Kill 2 Firebooters
Kill 1 Dyron Dragon
Kill 3 Renegades

Building in Lake (Xin Tindix)
Kill 1 Tunnel Hounds in Scorched Corridor
Kill 2 Undergound Slicers in Scorched Corridor
Kill 3 Scorchers in Scorched Corridor

Campfire @ Thesos (Zekos Mekops)
Kill 1 Thieves of Thesos
Kill 1 Savage Slashers
Kill 4 Dune Riders

Building on Top of Hill @ Thesos (Zean Krinn)
Kill 1 Lawless in Outlaw Canyon
Kill 4 Fighting Flames in Outlaw Canyon
Kill 4 Bucaneers in Outlaw Canyon


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OK....starting out again ...... doing 2 corporals worth of missions (ramp and guardhouse) ....

1st time : Takes ya 0 -> 14
2nd time : Takes ya 14 -> 22


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yeah those corporal missions are great for raising your Fyros fame. Obviously they slow down the rate as you get nearer to 100 but I used them almost exclusively last time I got mine to 100. Now I have to do it all again. *sigh*


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2 Sargeants took me from 22-25 qnd then 1 captain took me 25-28

Yes, confirned....corporal Sargeant missions give more fame then Captains ..... kinda mnakes doing the captain's missions silly.

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